Spatial Layout

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Spatial Layout is the ability to be able to plan a room based on the dimensions. You may be purchasing an apartment off the plan and be confident the furniture you buy will fit the room. At KD Designs we work out what you can and can’t fit in the room down to the plant pots! This simple but effective method of spatial layout allows us to create a comfortable flow in any room – without a cluttered feel to start with. This method has saved many of my clients valuable time and money.

As an example – a friend who owns “Juliettes Secrets Boutique” in Brisbane had an opportunity for a short term lease in a shopping centre. KD Designs scaled the small room and were able to complete a plan of attack for the shop to open with the right balance of racks, a changing room etc – and the store opened within a week! This is not the usual turnaround – but it does show that occasionally miracles can be achieved.

Juliette is thrilled with her new shop (a business achiever in 2004 in retail for Logan), so our her clientele and the travel shop door are interested in us renovating there office in the New Year!