Personal Shopping from 'Roof to toe!'

If you haven’t got the time or don’t know where to start to find that special “thing” you are after, you need a personal shopper. With our ability to see combinations, we can deck out your home, office or even yourself! just the way you always wanted but never had the time or confidence to do.

KD Designs are able to go with you or purchase on your behalf a myriad of items, if we know the look you are after. Quite often some well spent browsing and pictures by yourself in magazines can be turned into "The Look "–   we don’t need to know your budget to create a look –  we work on the outcome as the most important thing – plus we do not add any money to these purchases and most places are happy to pass on any discount to you our valued client.

PS.  personal styling!





kd are colour consultants /interior decorators that specialize in understanding your individual style, shape, environment and potential. If you don't enjoy shopping or simply don't know where to start then let KD designs create a new look for you and your wardrobe.


STYLE CONSULT—   We identify the best shape, style &  tones that suit you & your lifestyle

WARDROBE OVERHAUL—  what  to keep, what to Donate, what to throw away & what to BUY!

PERSONAL SHOPPING—    1/2 Day or Full day shop at your local Westfield shopping centre and help you find what you need!


M: 0400552736 or



Clients Testimonials

What a day! - promptly at 9.30am Karen and Penny arrived to spend the day "personally styling" me. We spent the first part of the morning checking out my wardrobe. They were inspiring with their style ideas to make my current wardrobe work while taking notes on what we could purchase to enhance my look.

 Shopping list and plan in hand we went shopping! I felt like a princess, with Karen and Penny piecing together outfits for me - all I had to do was try on.  I have never had a shopping experience that has been "all about me".

The day flowed with their great taste and flair being evident all the way. They were considerate in their honesty and not once did I feel uncomfortable or embarrassed even when an outfit was met with firm "I don't think so".

Karen and Penny extended their generosity to a lovely lunch over which we discussed purchases made and those still to be made!

I had such a wonderful day, it really felt like I'd spent the day shopping with two best friends. I highly recommend Karen and Penny as stylists, very impressive in every way!

Thank you Karen and Penny for a fun and inspirational day. 

Warm Regards