Frequently asked questions!!!


  1. Why use an interior decorator?


KD Designs have the experience and patience when dealing with renovating, decorating or building. We help solve problems and frustrations, save valuable time & money and offer innovative and creative solutions for your property. We have a keen eye and we constantly keep updated with the ever changing trends! A project you may have been dwelling on for months may be solved in just hours with our services. Get it right the first time!!! KD


  1. How long does a consultation usually take?


We always say – you can ‘use us as much as you like , or as little as you like’ therefore we recommend  that if you are only after a simple colour consultation  - then have a list of other questions of things in your home you wish to attack later down the track. By doing this -  you get a decent hour service with plenty of information and suggestions to keep you on track! Most basic colour consults take no longer then 1-2 hours if it is paint tones for interior and exterior. If we are working off your plans and selections for everything ie- paint, floor, cabinetry etc then this could be an ongoing consult of 3 or more appointments. One initial brief consult, a flooring and surfaces consult at perhaps a tile and carpet shop and then a final meeting at your home or our office to go through all extra items to ensure all things are on track for you and your builder. We are very honest in our charging for consults and only charge for the hours worked on your job. Quite often many phone calls are made to us and last minute changes are needed to be made due to unavailable stock etc and we don’t often charge for this.


  1. Can you recommend painters?


Yes we can! We have a reliable source of residential and commercial painters that operate in all areas and we are happy to provide you with their details.



  1. What other services do you do other then colour consultations?


We have an extensive list of services that cater to all.



General/Basic Consults– Residential and commercial onsite meetings where paint colours/finishes are put forward with colour placement. Specification booklets are posted to you direct with all suggestions and samples.


Interior Service Extras– Paint, flooring , colours, fabrics, cabinetry , kitchen & bathroom designs and elevations, plumbing selections ie. Basins, tapwares etc, soft and hard furnishing selections, accessories and lists of our retail/wholesale suppliers & our designer discounts.



Foyer Makeovers – KD Designs put forward a package of colours, furnishings, costings and all changes made for any foyer makeover.


Extra services  - 


Spatial layout designs– this is a great service that ensures your furniture and extra items will fit and flow within a room or space.  We measure and scale all items that are needed for your room and create a layout design to suit the size of the space.  You don’t want to rush off and buy that great big lounge and realize its too late when you cant even fit it through the door or even have enough space for a coffee table! Trust us – this happens all the time!


Commercial developments– Townhouses, units, apartments , office buildings, industrial sheds and anything commercial graded- we help with concepts and designs with new and old developments. We can create any scheme off plans or current buildings.


De-Cluttering –This is a very popular service and often overlaps with other services like spatial layout and colour consultations. When selling a property or about to renovate – De-cluttering is essential to enable a clutter free mind and home. We go through every room and help you see the light at the end of that dark dingy tunnel!


Personal Shopping– If you are after that special thing or need to fill your home with some special pieces to create that wow factor but don’t have the time or knack – well let KD Designs do the footwork for you!! We are guided by your budget and basically grab, position and go!


KD Designs also now offer a personal wardrobe power shopping experience!  - see personal shopping on website for more details!!! We cover from ‘Roof to Toe’ for you and your home! 


Property Staging Tipsthis is a quick basic consult service where we guide you and make suggestions that are quick and budget friendly to ensure you get that great price for your property! Simple solutions such as furniture re-arranging, de-cluttering personal items and basic household chores and blitz concepts may be the very thing you need to sell your property!!!



Can you help with just fabrics??


Yes – we can source fabrics for you and send them in the post to view or we can have a consultation at your home or at our fabric wholesalers and help you choose the fabrics you need! We also pass on our designer discounts!


*If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on

0400 552 736