Colour My Building - Digital Overlays

Can't visualise your home or building painted??

Here's the solution!

Services: Colour My Building: An example of our work after paintingServices: Colour My Building: Before paintingServices: Colour My Building: After painting


KD Designs'  “Colour My Building” system let’s you see how the building will look before painting. As qualified colour consultants we visit your home or building. select the paint colours – then digitally apply these to the building to create the finished product.

The process is simple, cost effective and has been running successfully for the last 5 years with major companies such as Dulux ,OPAT, Higgins, Rochele Painting, QPaint and many smaller independent painters. Most jobs are turned around within 7 working days.


  • A4 Booklet
  • Before & After Photographs
  • Large paint samples
  • Templates of colour placement
  • Areas to be painted shown by arrows
  • Paint maintenance guide

For more details contact KD Designs 0400 552 736