Latest Trends from DESIGN X Sydney 2008

KD Designs gets updated with all the latest trends and products for 2008/2009 at Design X

Monday 12 May 2008


Design X is always fun for all of us designers. Lots of new products and exciting things to view & pass onto all our clients.  We noticed this year that its still a large variety of tastes and tones , however the market is now becoming very enviro and eco friendly. Products are more eco, colours are more earthy  but clean and surfaces are a lot more durable and recyclable.



Bringing the outside inside is big!!


Fashion for outdoor areas was massive with funky seating,  bar tables, lighting, decking designs, and fantastic bbq areas!!!  Jaimie Durie inspired us with unique ideas which incorporated solar systems and energy efficient devices to work in with our dramatically changing way of life.



The show displayed endless selections of Fabric, sheer curtains, gorgeous Rugs , fantastic surfaces for kitchens and  bathrooms!


We now have an updated knowledge of whats in the market and can put you in contact with the best products/suppliers around town.



KD Designs strongly support local businesses and are constantly updating there library of colours and surfaces of all types of products.



Above - Jaimie Durie

Above - Modern take on Ceiling Panels

Above - Funky Vertical gardens!!