KD Designs Becomes a finalist for DULUX COLOUR AWARDS 2008!!

KD Designs fly to Melbourne to be part of the award night for DULUX Colour Awards.

Wednesday 28 May 2008


KD Designswere full of excitement when they were announced as finalists for the 2008 Dulux Colour Awards.

They were selected out of thousands of entrants from across Australia and short-listed for the ‘Commercial Exterior’ category.  The project we entered was an industrial estate – 'Enterprise Place' at  Caloundra.  We chose tones of the earth to compliment the bushland surroundings and make this still stand out from the other ‘concrete jungles’ you see growing all around. It was a special moment for Karen Devereux as a small business owner of KD Designs.  After 5 years of growing her business it was nice to be chosen as a finalist.

The scope of works for this award was to ‘Make an impact on colour’ and architects & interior designers from all around  Australia contributed to high levels of quality projects.

Judges of high importance took there roles very seriously and had the hard job of selecting only a few of thousands. Judges such as-

Michael Rayner (Cox Rayner), Margeret Spolding (Jimmy Possum), International Designer – Dr .Frederique Houssand  Andrieux (Airbus Design Studio in Toulouse ) & of course Andrea Lucena-Orr (Colour Communications Manager of DULUX)Pictured to right with Karen Devereux next to her award entry.  




Thank you Dulux for your support and professionalism and letting us make an impact on colour!!



Above - Karen & her entry 'Enterprise Place'

Above - Andrea Lucena-Orr & Karen Devereux

Above - Finalists displayed at Sydney Design X 08